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2015年 发表论文统计表

序号 论文题目 本单位作者 期刊名称 期号
1           A gene cluster encoding lectin receptor kinases confers broad-spectrum and durable insect resistance in rice Xiaoming Zheng, Yulong Ren, Qibing Lin, Fuqing Wu, Xin Zhang, Xiuping Guo,Chuanyin Wu,Jianmin Wan. Nature Biotechnology 33(3)
2           The SnRK2-APC/C(TE) regulatory module mediates the antagonistic action of gibberellic acid and abscisic acid pathways Lin Q, Wu F, Zhang Z, Zhang X, Guo X, Wang J, Cheng Z, Wang J,Wan J. Nature Communications 5.79236111
3           Phytophthora Effector Targets a Novel Component of Small RNA pathway in Plants to Promote Infection Yongli Qiao PNAS 112
4           VLN2 Regulates Plant Architecture by Affecting Microfilament Dynamics and Polar Auxin Transport in Rice Ren Y, Zhang X, Wang J, Guo X, Wu F,Wang J, Wu C,Wan J Plant Cell 27(10)
5           A recently evolved hexose transporter variant confers resistance to multiple pathogens in wheat. Xiuying Kong Nature Genetics 47(12)
6           High resolution genetic mapping of maize pan-genome sequence anchors Wang T, Li Y, Li Y,  Nature Communications 5.05138889
7           Recombination in diverse maize is stable, predictable, and associated with genetic load Li Chunhui , Li Yongxiang PNAS 112
8           The Activation of Phytophthora Effector Avr3b by Plant Cyclophilin is Required for the Nudix Hydrolase Activity of Avr3b Yongli Qiao PLOS Pathogens 11(8)
9           Viral-inducible Argonaute18 confers broad-spectrum virus resistance in rice by sequestering a host microRNA Zhang X Elife 5733

SNP-Seek database of 

SNPs derived from 3000 rice 


Wang W,  Li Z,  Nucleic Acids Research 43
11       NERF encodes a RING E3 ligase important for drought resistance and enhances the expression of its antisense gene NFYA5 in Arabidopsis 高伟,刘文文,赵勐,李文学 Nucleic Acids Research 43
12       DEFORMED FLORAL ORGAN1 (DFO1) regulates floral organ identity by epigenetically repressing the expression of OsMADS58 in rice (Oryza sativa). Ren, YL; Guo, XP; Wan, JM New Phytologist 206(4)
13       Molecular characterization of two isoforms of a farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase gene in wheat and their roles in sesquiterpene synthesis and inducible defence against aphid infestation Yan Zhang, Zhi-Xia Li, Xiu-Dao Yu, Guang-Yao Zhao, Lan-Qin Xia* New Phytologist 206
14       Multilayered Regulation of Ethylene Induction Plays a Positive Role in Arabidopsis Resistance against Pseudomonas syringae1 Rongxia Guan Plant Physiology (1):169
15       Decreasing electron flux through the cytochrome and/or alternative respiratory pathways triggers common and distinct cellular responses dependent on growth conditions Yin GK(并列第一) Plant Physiology 167
16       Making the bread insights from newly synthesized allohexaploid wheat1. Li A, Geng S,  Mao L. Molecular Plant 8(6)
17       XA23 is an executor R protein and confers broad-spectrum disease resistance in rice Wang CL,Gao Y,Zhao KJ Molecular Plant 8
18       An evolutionarily conserved gene, FUWA, plays a role in determining panicle architecture, grain shape and grain weight in rice. Chen J,Zheng XM, Jin M, Weng JF, Ma J, Ren Y, Wang Q, Wang J, Wang JL, Zhang X, Cheng Z, Wu C, Wan JM. Plant Journal 83(3)
19       The wheat AGC kinase TaAGC1 is a positive contributor to host resistance to the necrotrophic pathogen Rhizoctonia cerealis. Zhu Xiuliang, Yang Kun, Wei Xuening,  Rong Wei, Du Lipu, Ye Xingguo, Qi Lin, Zhang Zengyan Journal of Experimental Botany 66(21)

A MADS-box gene NtSVP regulates

 pedicel elongation by directly

 suppressing a KNAT1-like

 KNOX gene NtBPL in tobacco

 (Nicotiana tobacum L.) 

Wang D, Chen C, Zhang Z, Liu D, Song G, Geng S, Yang J, Wang B, Wu L, Li A,  Mao L.  Journal of Experimental Botany 66(20)
21       Plasma membrane receptor-like kinase leaf panicle 2 acts downstream of the DROUGHT AND SALT TOLERANCE transcription factor to regulate drought sensitivity in rice. Wu, FQ; Ma, WW; Heng, YQ; Lin, QB; Zhu, SS; Wang, JL; Wang, J; Guo, XP; Zhang, X; Lei, CL; Wan, JM. Journal of Experimental Botany 66(1)
22       Ectopic expression of a phytochrome B gene from Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis) in Arabidopsis thaliana promotes seedling de-etiolation, dwarfing in mature plants, and delayed flowering Song MF#, Hou P#, Guo L, Su L, Yang J* Plant Molecular Biology 87(6)
23       A high density GBS map of bread wheat and its application for dissecting complex disease resistance traits Huihui Li BMC Genomics 16
24       Comparative transcriptome profiling of a rice line carrying Xa39 and its parents triggered by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae provides novel insights into the broad-spectrum hypersensitive response.  Zhang F,  Li ZK,  Zhou YL.  BMC Genomics 0.74375
25       Targeted association mapping demonstrating the complex molecular genetics of fatty acid formation in soybean Ying-hui Li, Zhang-xiong Liu, Ru-zhen Chang and Li-juan Qiu BMC Genomics (16):841
26       Genetic characteristics of soybean resistance to HG type 0 and HG type of the cyst nematode analyzed by genome-wide association mapping Yinghui Li, Lijuan Qiu BMC Genomics (16):598
27       Functional marker development of miR1511-InDel and allelic diversity within the genus Glycine  Longguo Jin, Kejing Wang,  Lijuan Qiu BMC Genomics (16):467
28       Pi64, Encoding a Novel CC-NBS-LRR Protein, Confers Resistance to Leaf and Neck Blast in Rice.  Ma J, Lei C, Xu X, Hao K, Wang J, Cheng Z, Ma X, Ma J, Zhang X, Guo X, Wu F, Lin Q, Wang C, Zhai H,Wan J.  Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28(5)
29       Analysis of genetic differentiation and genomic variation to reveal potential regions of importance during maize improvement Wu Xun, Yongxiang Li, Xin Li, Chunhui Li, Yunsu Shi, Yanchun Song, Yu Li, Tianyu Wang BMC Plant Biology 0.80277778
30       Mapping quantitative trait loci in selected breeding populations: A segregation distortion approach Y Cui, F Zhang, J Xu, Z Li Heredity 115(6)
31       The effects of chromosome 6P on fertile tiller number of wheat as revealed in wheat?Agropyron cristatum chromosome 5A/6P translocation lines Yuqing Lu, Weihua Liu, Haiming Han , Jinpeng Zhang, Xinming Yang, Xiuquan Li, Ainong Gao, Lihui Li Theoretical and applied genetics 128
32       Mapping quantitative trait loci for peroxidase activity and developing gene-specific markers for TaPod-A1 on wheat chromosome 3AL Jingxin Wei,Yan Zhang, Jindong Liu, Weie Wen, Yong Zhang, Xianchun Xia, Xinmin Chen, Zhonghu He Theoretical and applied genetics 128
33       Genetic dissection on rice grain shape by the two-dimensional image analysis in one japonica × indica population consisting of recombinant inbred lines Changbin Yin, Huihui Li, Shanshan Li, Jiankang Wang Theoretical and applied genetics 128
34       Introgression of Agropyron cristatum 6P chromosome segment into common wheat for enhanced thousand-grain weight and spike length Jing Zhang , Jinpeng Zhang, Weihua Liu, Haiming Han, Yuqing Lu, Xinming Yang, Xiuquan Li, Lihui Li Theoretical and applied genetics 128
35       A yield associated gene TaCWI, in wheat: its function, selection and evolution in global breeding revealed by haplotype analysis Jiang QY, Hao CY,Zhang XY* Theoretical and applied genetics 128(1)
36       Dwarf and tiller-enhancing 1 regulates growth and development by influencing boron uptake in boron limited conditions in rice.  Ren YL, Wang D, Zheng M, Cheng ZJ, Lin QB, Wang JL, Wu FQ, Zhang X, Guo XP, Zhai HQ, Wan JM. Plant Science 236
37       Aboveground  morphological  traits  do  not  predict  rice  variety  effects  on CH4 emissions Zhijie Li, Xiangcheng Zhu, Aixing Deng, Jun Zhang, Weijian Zhang Agriculture,  Ecosystems  and  Environment 28
38       Evaluation of the chemical quality traits of soybean seeds, as related to sensory attributes of soymilk Ma L, Li B, Han F, Yan S, Wang L, Sun J* Food Chemistry 173
39       Evaluation on levels and conversion profiles of DON, 3-ADON, and 15-ADON during bread making process 吴丽、王步军 Food Chemistry 185
40       A high-density genetic map for P genome of Agropyron Gaertn. based on specific-locus amplified fragment sequencing (SLAF-seq) Yan Zhang, Jinpeng Zhang, Ainong Gao, Jing Zhang, Xinming Yang, Weihua Liu, Xiuquan Li & Lihui Li Planta 242
41       Genomic dissection of leaf angle in maize (zea mays L.) using a four-way cross mapping population Luyan Zhang, Jiankang Wang Plos One 10(10)
42       High-Throughput Development of SSR Markers from Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Based on Next Generation Sequencing of a Purified Chinese Commercial Variety Tao Yang(第一作者), Li Fang,  Fang Wang Xuxiao Zong(通讯作者) Plos One 10(10)
43       A Novel GH7 Endo-β-1,4-Glucanase from Neosartorya fischeri P1 with Good Thermostability, Broad Substrate Specificity and Potential Application in the Brewing Industry Baoqing Dun Plos One 10(9)
44       Extensive Analysis of GmFTL and GmCOL Expression in Northern Soybean Cultivars in Field Conditions Kun Xu, Xiaomei Zhang, Jinlong Zhu, Mingyang Lu, Fulu Chen,Linpo Liu,Yong-Fu Fu Plos One 10(9)
45       CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing in soybean hairy roots Yupeng Cai; Li Chen ; Xiujie Liu; Shi Sun; Cunxiang Wu; Bingjun Jiang; Tianfu Han; Wensheng Hou Plos One 10(8)
46       Inclusive Composite Interval Mapping of QTL by environment interactions in biparental populations Shanshan Li, Jiankang Wang, Luyan Zhang Plos One 10(7)
47       Generation of Wheat Transcription Factor FOX Rice Lines and Systematic Screening for Salt and Osmotic Stress Tolerance Longzhi Han,Jizeng Jia, Guangyao Zhao PLos One 10(7)
48       SS1 (NAL1)- and SS2-Mediated Genetic Networks Underlying Source-Sink and Yield Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Xu JL, Wang Y, Zhang F, Wu Y, Zheng TQ, Wang Y-H, Zhao XQ, Cui YR, Chen K, Zhang Q, Lin HX, Li JY, Li ZK Plos One 10(7)
49       Development and Validation of EST-SSR Markers from the Transcriptome of Adzuki Bean (Vigna angularis) 陈红霖,刘丽平,王丽侠,王素华,程须珍 PLoS One 10(7)
50       Examining Two Sets of Introgression Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Reveals Favorable Alleles that Improve Grain Zn and Fe Concentrations Xu Q, Zheng T-Q,Xu JL, Li ZK Plos One 10(7)
51       Molecular Genetic Analysis and Evolution of Segment 7 in Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus in China 周羽,翁建峰, 郝转芳,李明顺, 雍洪军, 张德贵, 张世煌,李新海 Plos One 10(6)
52       Association and validation of yield-favored alleles in Chinese cultivars of common wheat (Triticum  aestivum L.)  Chenyang Hao, Tian Li,  Xiaoping Chang, Ruilian Jing,  Xueyong Zhang PLoS One 10(6)
53       Differentially Expressed Genes in Resistant and Susceptible Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes in Response to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Phaseoli Wu J(并列第一作者), Zhu Z, Wang L(作者之一), Wang X, Wang S Plos One 10(6)
54       The effects of plastic film mulching on maize growth and water use in dry and rainy years in Northeast China Xu, J., Li, C.F.,  Zhou, P.L.,  Meng, Q.F., Zhao, M Plos One 10(5)
55       Microsatellite  variations of elite Setaria varieties released during last six decades in China Guanqing Jia, Xiaotong Liu,  Zhengang Niu, Chunfang Wang,   Hui Zhi, Xianmin Diao Plos One 10(5)
56       Large-scale evaluation of maize germplasm for low-phosphorus tolerance 张红伟,黄长玲,徐云碧,李文学 Plos One 10(5)
57       Genetic control of the leaf angle and leaf orientation value as revealed by ultra-high density maps in three connected maize populations Li C, Li Y, Shi Y, Song Y, Zhang D,  Wang T, Li Y PLoS One 10(3)
58       The Identification of Two Head Smut Resistance-Related QTL in Maize by the Joint Approach of Linkage Mapping and Association Analysis  Li Yong-xiang, Xun Wu, Dengfeng Zhang,  Chunhui Li, Yan-chun Song, Yun-su Shi, Tianyu Wang , Yu Li PLoS One 10(12)
59       Genetic Analysis of Cold Tolerance at the Germination and Booting Stages in Rice by Association Mapping 马小定,韩龙植 Plos One 10:03
60       Transcriptome Sequencing of Mung Bean (Vigna radiate L.) Genes and the Identification of EST-SSR 陈红霖,刘丽平,王丽侠,王素华,程须珍 PLoS One 10(4)
61       Genetic Diversity of Grasspea and Its Relative Species Revealed by SSR Markers Fang Wang, Tao Yang,  Li Fang, Xuxiao Zong Plos One 10(3)
62       Functional Analysis of GmCPDs and Investigation of Their Roles in Flowering Miao Wang; Xin Xu; Xinxin Zhang; Shi Sun; Cunxiang Wu; Wensheng Hou; Qingyu Wang; Tianfu Han Plos One 10(3)
63       Characterization of a null allelic mutant of the rice NAL1 gene reveals its role in regulating cell division 房静静、赵金凤、李学勇 PLoS One 10(2)
64       A G-Protein β Subunit, AGB1, Negatively Regulates the ABA Response and Drought Tolerance by Down-Regulating AtMPK6-Related Pathway in Arabidopsis Ming Chen, Zhao-shi Xu, Lian-cheng Li, You-zhi Ma Plos One 10(1)
65       Small RNA and degradome sequencing reveal complex roles of miRNAs and their targets in developing wheat grains  Li T,  Hao CY, Zhang XY* PLoS One 10
66       CHR729 Is a CHD3 Protein That Controls Seedling Development in Rice.  马小定,乔永利,韩龙植 Plos One 10:09
67       Soil Tillage Management Affects Maize Grain Yield by Regulating Spatial Distribution Coordination of Roots, Soil Moisture and Nitrogen Status Wang X, Zhou B, Sun X, Yue Y, Ma W, Zhao M Plos One 10(6)
68       Favorable alleles for stem water-soluble carbohydrates identified by association analysis contribute to grain weight under drought stress conditions in wheat. Chang Xiao-ping,  Jing Rui-lian*. Plos One 10(3)
69       Metabolic Profiling and Physiological Analysis of a Novel Rice Introgression Line with Broad Leaf Size and Higher Grain Yield Xiuqin Zhao, Fan Zhang, Wensheng Wang, Fu Binying, Jianlong Xu, Zhikang Li Plos One 10(12)
70       Identification and Fine Mapping of a Stably Expressed QTL for Cold Tolerance at the Booting Stage Using an Interconnected Breeding Population in Rice Yajun Zhu, Kai Chen, Tianxiao Chen, Jianlong Xu, Zhikang Li Plos One 10(12)
71       Genome-wide association study of appearance and milling quality in a worldwide collection of indicarice germplasm Yunlong Pang, Jianlong Xu, Zhikang Li Plos One 10(12)
72       A novel wheat bZIP transcription factor, TabZIP60, confers multiple abiotic stress tolerances in transgenic Arabidopsis Lichao Zhang, Chuan Xia, Guangyao Zhao,Jizeng Jia and Xiuying Kong Physiologia Plantarum 153(4)
73       Temporal and spatial variation in accumulated temperature requirements of maize Hou, P., Liu, Y., Xie, R., Ming, B., Ma, D., Li, S.*  Field Crops Research 158
74       Long-term fertilization effects on processing quality of wheat grain in the North China Plain 常旭虹,王德梅,赵广才 Field Crops Research 174
75       Xa39, a novel dominant gene conferring broad-spectrum resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in rice. Zhang F,Wang WS, Xu JL, Li ZK, Zhou YL. Plant Pathology 64
76       Isoflavone content and composition in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)  sprouts germinated under different conditions Yang Yao, Yingying Zhu, Guixing Ren* Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 63(10)
77       Isoflavones in Chickpeas Inhibits Adipocyte Differentiation and Prevents Insulin Resistance in 3T3-L1 cells  Yang Yao, Yingying Zhu,  Guixing Ren* Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 63(44)
78       A 90-day study of three bruchid-resistant mung bean cultivars in Sprague-Dawley rats Yang Yao, Guixing Ren* Food and Chemical Toxicology 76
79       Quantitative trait loci mapping for traits related to the progression of wheat flag leaf senescence.  Ruilian Jing*. Journal of Agricultural Science 153
80       Characterization of culm morphology, anatomic properties and chemical components in foxtail millet cultivars differing in lodging resistance  Wu L, Li H Journal of Agricultural Science 153(8)
81       Antioxidant and immunoregulatory activity of polysaccharides from adzuki beans (Vigna angularis) Yang Yao, Peng Xue, Yingying Zhu,  Guixing Ren* Food Research International 77
82       Fate of deoxynivalenol and deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside during bread and noodle processing 张慧杰、王步军 Food Control 50
83       Integrative effects of soil tillage and straw management on crop yields and greenhouse gas emissions in a rice–wheat cropping system Xin Zhang, Jun Zhang, Weijian Zhang European Journal of Agronomy 63
84       A detailed analysis of the leaf rolling mutant sll2 reveals complex nature in regulation of bulliform cell development in rice (Oryza sativa L.),   J. -L. Wang, X. Zhang, X. -P. Guo, C. -Y. Wu & J. -M. Wan Plant Biology 17
85       Comparative proteomic analysis of Gamma-aminobutyric acid responses in hypoxia-treated and untreated melon roots Longquan Fan,Yinghong Pan Phytochemistry 116
86       Identification of two functional markers associated with drought resistance in maize 郝转芳,翁建峰,李明顺,张德贵,张世煌,李新海 Molecular Breeding 35
87       Fine mapping of DTH3b, a minor heading date QTL potentially functioning upstream of Hd3a and RFT1 under long-day conditions in rice.  Zhengzheng Zhong, Mingna Jin, Dan Wang, Zhijun Cheng, Jiulin Wang, Xin Zhang, Xiuping Guo, Fuqing Wu, Qibing Lin, Shanshan Zhu,Huqu Zhai, Chuanyin Wu, Jianmin Wan  Molecular Breeding 35
88       Genetic properties of 240 maize inbred lines and identity-bydescent segments revealed by high-density SNP markers 刘昌林, 郝转芳, 张德贵, 谢传晓, 李明顺, 雍洪军, 张世煌, 翁建峰, 李新海 Molecular Breeding 35
89       Development of SSR markers and assessment of genetic diversity of adzuki bean in the Chinese germplasm collection 陈红霖,刘丽平,王丽侠,王素华,程须珍 Molecular Breeding 35:191
90       Genetic mapping of a putative Agropyron cristatum-derived powdery mildew resistance gene by a combination of bulked segregant analysis and single nucleotide polymorphism array Yuqing Lu, Jinpeng Zhang, Weihua Liu , Xinming Yang, Xiuquan Li, Ainong Gao, Lihui Li Molecular Breeding 35
91       Distribution and analysis of SSR in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) genome based on an SSR-enriched library Li Xia Wang, Hong Lin Chen, Su Hua Wang,Xu Zhen Cheng Molecular Breeding 35,25
92       The transferability and polymorphism of mung bean SSR markers in rice bean germplasm Li Xia Wang, Hong Lin Chen, Peng Bai, Jian Xin Wu, Su Hua Wang,Xu Zhen Cheng Molecular Breeding 35:77
93       Identification and development of a functional marker from 6-SFT-A2 associated with grain weight in wheat. Ang LI, Xinguo Mao, Xiaoping Chang, Ruilian Jing*. Molecular Breeding 35:63
94       Molecular mapping of a recessive stripe rust resistance gene yrMY37 in Chinese wheat cultivar Mianmai 37  Yong Ren, Xianchun Xia, Zhonghu He Molecular Breeding 35:97
95       Using the UK reference population Avalon×Cadenza as a platform to compare breeding strategies in elite Western European bread wheat Juan Ma, Jiankang Wang Molecular breeding 35
96       Identification of carotenoids in foxtail millet (Setaria italica) and the effects of cooking methods on carotenoid content Xianmin Diao Journal of Cereal Science 61
97       Loss of Function of the Cytochrome P450 Gene CYP78B5 Causes Giant Embryos in Rice Xiuping Guo, Zhijun Cheng ,Jianmin Wan Plant Molecular Biology 33
98       Evaluation of Individual Competitiveness and the Relationship Between Competitiveness and Yield in Maize Lichao Zhai,Ruizhi Xie,Guangzhou Liu, Shaokun Li Crop Science 55
99       Degenerate Oligonucleotide Primed–Polymerase Chain Reaction-Based Chromosome Painting of P Genome Chromosomes in Agropyron cristatum andWheat–A. cristatum Addition Lines Weihua Liu,Lihui Li* Crop Science 55
100   Evaluation of a modified hybrid-maize model incorporating a newly developed module of plastic film mulching.  Hou, P., Li, S*.  Crop Science 54
101   Spatial variation and improving measures of the utilization efficiency of accumulated temperature Liu, Y.;Hou, P., Xie, R.; Li, S*.  Crop Science 55
102   Characterizing changes from a century of genetic improvement of soybean cultivars in Northeast China Tingting Wu; Shi Sun;   Wenwen Song; Bingjun Jiang; Wensheng Hou; Cunxiang Wu; Tianfu Han Crop Science 55(5)
103   Resistance to powdery mildew in the wheat cultivar Zhongmai 155: effectiveness and molecular detection of the resistance gene Sun Huigai, Song Wei, SunYanling, Chen  Li Hongjie. Crop Science 54(3)
104   Genetically Mediated Changes in Grain Quality of Single-Cross Maize Hybrids Grown in China Yong-Xiang Li, Yu Li, Xinglin Ma, Yunsu Shi, Yanchun Song, Tianyu Wang Crop Science 56
105   Variations in Maize Dry Matter, Harvest Index, and Grain Yield with Plant Density J. Li, R. Z. Xie, K. R. Wang, B. Ming, Y. Q. Guo, G. Q. Zhang and S. K. Li  Agronomy Journal 107
106   SPEIpm-besed research on drought in pact on maize yield in North China Plain Ming Bo, Guo Yin-qiao,Liu Guang-zhou, Li Shao-kun journal al of integrative Agriculture 14
107   Analysis of the independent- and interactive-photo-thermal effects on soybean flowering Tingting Wu; Jinyu Li; Cunxiang Wu; Shi Sun; Tingting Mao; Bingjun Jiang; Wensheng Hou; Tianfu Han   Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(4)
108   A possible mechanism of mineral responses to elevated atmospheric CO2 in rice grains Weijian Zhang    Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(1)
109   Current status of genetic transformation technology developed in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Ye X G Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14
110   Overexpression of a modified AM79 aroA gene in transgenic maize confers high tolerance to glyphosate REN Zhen-jing, LIU Yun-jun Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(3)
111   Development and application of plant transformation techniques Ye X G Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14
112   G-protein β subunit AGB1 positively regulates salt stress tolerance in Arabidopsis CHEN Ming, XU Zhao-shi, LI Lian-cheng, MA You-zhi Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(2)
113   Increased grain yield with improved photosynthetic characters in modern maize parental lines LI Cong-feng, TAO Zhi-qiang,ZHAO Ming Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(9)
114   Co-treatment with surfactant and sonication significantly improves Agrobacterium-mediated resistant bud formation and transient expression efficiency in soybean GUO Yong, ZHANG Li-juan, JIN Long-guo, CHANG Ru-zheng, QIU Li-juan Journal of Integrative Agriculture (14):7
115   Overexpression of a maize SNF-related protein kinase gene, ZmSnRK2.11, reduces salt and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis 张凡,陈勋基,郑军 Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(7)
116   Effects of inter-culture, arabinogalactan proteins, and hydrogen peroxide on the plant regeneration of wheat immature embryos. Zhang W, Wang K, Du L P, Ye X G Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14
117   Identification and Validation of Root-Specific Promoters in Rice Wang wensheng, Fu Binying Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14(1)
118   Characterization of culm morphology, anatomic properties and chemical components in foxtail millet cultivars differing in lodging resistance Hongjie Li Journal of Agricultural Science 153(8)
119   crop and soil research paper estimation of wheat nitrogen status under drip irrigation with canopy spectral indices X.L. JIN, K.R.WANG,  S.K LI Journal of Agricultural Science 153
120   Effects of long-term fertilization on soil organic carbon content and aggregate composition under continuous corn cropping system in Northeast China

Song, Z.W.,  Deng, A.X., 

Zheng, C.Y., Zhang, W.J

Journal of Agricultural Science 153
121   Differences in warming impacts on wheat productivity among varieties released in different eras in North China Chengyan Zheng,  Zhenwei Song, Aixing Deng, Baoming Zhang, Weijian Zhang    Journal of Agricultural Science 153
122   Construction of high-quality recombination maps with low-coverage genomic sequencing for joint linkage analysis in maize Li Chunhui, Yongxiang Li,  Xun Wu, Yunsu Shi, Yanchun Song, Dengfeng Zhang, Yu Li, Tianyu Wang BMC Biology 0.59583333
123   Targeted mutagenesis in soybean using the CRISPR-Cas9 system Xianjun Sun, Zheng Hu, Qiyang Jiang, Guohua Song, Hui Zhang Scientific Reports 5:10342
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128   The soybean GmDi19-5 interacts with GmLEA3.1 and increases sensitivity of transgenic plants to abiotic stresses. Xiao-Yu Cui?,  Ming Chen,  You-Zhi Ma, Guang-Yuan He* and Zhao-Shi Xu* Frontiers in Plant Science 6
129   Interacting transcriptome of rice introgression line carrying Xa39 and its parents in response to bacterial blight pathogen Fan Zhang, Li-Yu Huang, Fan Zhang, Wen-Sheng Wang, Yong-Li Zhou, and Zhi-Kang Li.  The Plant Genome 8(3)
130   Genome-Wide Responses to Selection and Genetic Networks Underlying Submergence Tolerance in Rice Wensheng Wang, Binying Fu, Jianlong Xu, Yongming Gao, Tianqing Zheng, Fan Zhang, Zhikang Li The Plant Genome 8(2)
131   QTL mapping with background control in genetic populations of clonal F1 and double cross Luyan Zhang, Huihui Li, Jiankang Wang Journal of integrative plant biology 57(12)
132   A haplotype block associated with Thousand-Kernel Weight (TKW) on chromosome 5DS in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)  Hao CY, Zhang XY* Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 57(8)
133   Expressing an (E)-β-Farnesene synthase in the chloroplast of tobacco affects the preference of green peach aphid and its parasitoid Gen-Ping Wang, Lan-Qin Xia*.  Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 57(9)
134   Linkage analysis and map construction in genetic populations of clonal F1 and double cross Luyan Zhang, Huihui Li, Jiankang Wang G3-GENES GENOMES GENETICS 5(3)
135   Fine mapping of S37, a locus responsible for pollen and embryo sac sterility in hybrids between Oryza sativa L. and O. glaberrima Steud.   Shen Y, Ma H, Yu Y, Yu X, Chen H,Zhou J, Wan J.  Plant Cell Rep 34(11)
136   GmFULa, a FRUITFULL homolog, functions in the flowering and maturation of soybean Zhen Jia; Bingjun Jiang; Xiaowei Gao; Yanlei Yue; Zhihong Fei; Hongbo Sun; Cunxiang Wu; Shi Sun; Wensheng Hou; Tianfu Han Plant Cell Rep 34(1)
137   A novel sucrose-regulatory MADS-box transcription factor GmNMHC5 promotes root development and nodulation in soybean(Glycine max[L.]Merr.) Wei Liu;CunXiang Wu International Journal of Molecular Science 16(9)
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269   利用选择回交导入群体定位大豆蛋白质含量QTL 张金巍,韩粉霞*,陈明阳,孙君明,韩广振,闫淑荣,杨华 中国油料作物学报 37(4)
270   气相色谱方法定量检测大豆5种脂肪酸 范胜栩, 李斌,孙君明*,韩粉霞,闫淑荣,王岚,王连铮 中国油料作物学报 37(4)
271   高蛋氨酸转基因大豆的鉴定和遗传稳定性分析 韩庆梅, 孙石, 侯文胜, 吴存祥, 白肖飞, 于洋, 周艳峰, 韩天富*.  中国油料作物学报 37(6)
272   Genetic dissection of low phosphorus tolerance related traits using selected introgression lines in rice Xiang Chao, Zhao Xiuqin, Ding Zaisong, Chrles Augustino Joseph, Zhang Qiang, Pan Yunlong, Gao Yongming 中国水稻科学英文版Rice Science 22(6)
273   利用选择导入系进行水稻耐低磷鉴定与QTL定位分析 赵秀琴,丁在松,项  超,Charles Augustino JOSEPH,张  强,庞昀龙,高用明 中国水稻科学 29(1)
274   水稻冷胁迫响应基因OsSADMC功能标记的开发和利用 胡晓晨,张婷,杨圣,秦巧,石英尧,王文生 ,傅彬英 中国水稻科学 29 (5)
275   与SP1 互作的水稻穗顶部退化基因qPAA3 的精细定位 罗  胜,王  敏,丛  楠,          赵志超,程治军. 中国农业科学 48(12)
276   抗旱转基因小麦(Triticum aestivum L.) 的杂草性评价  姜奇彦,李新海,胡正,马有志,张辉,徐兆师 中国农业科学 48(11)
277   玉米抗穗腐病研究进展 段灿星,王晓鸣, 宋凤景,孙素丽,周丹妮,朱振东. 中国农业科学 48(11)
278   小麦籽粒蛋白质光谱特片变量筛选方法研究 李栓明,郭银巧,土克如,谢瑞芝,李少昆 中国农业科学 48
279    一个水稻卷叶基因的遗传分析和精细定位.  万建民 中国农业科学 48(13)
280   中国玉米地方品种种族的遗传变异评估 吴迅,李永祥,丁晓雨,石云素,宋燕春,黎裕,王天宇 中国农业科学 48(16)
281   作物基因组学与作物科学革命 贾继增,高丽锋,赵光耀,周文斌,张卫健 中国农业科学 48(17)
282   基于基因组学的作物种质资源研究:现状与展望 黎裕,李英慧,杨庆文,张锦鹏,张金梅,邱丽娟,王天宇 中国农业科学 48(17)
283   作物科学中的环境型鉴定(Envirotyping)及其应用 徐云碧 中国农业科学 48(17)
284   中麦175 高产高效广适特性解析与育种方法思考 何中虎,陈新民,王德森,张 艳,肖永贵,李法计,张 勇,李思敏,夏先春,张运宏,庄巧生 中国农业科学 48(17)
285   我国玉米灰斑病发生现状与未来扩散趋势分 赵立萍,王晓鸣,段灿星,武小菲,宋凤景 中国农业科学 48(18)
286   中国两大优势产区小麦重金属镉含量调查与膳食暴露评估 陆美斌,李为喜,胡学旭,李静梅,王步军. 中国两大优势产区小麦重金属镉含量调查与膳食暴露评估 中国农业科学 48(19)
287   谷子转录因子 SiNF-YA6 的过表达提高转基因植株对低氮胁迫的抗性 方广宁,胡利芹,马有志,徐兆师,李连城,周永斌,刁现民,贾冠清,陈  明 中国农业科学 48(20)
288   转TaNHX2大豆的耐盐性分析 林抗雪, 刘修杰, 孙石, 陈莉, 韩天富, 侯文胜 中国农业科学 48(20)
289   甘蓝光敏色素B基因的克隆及在拟南芥中异源转基因的功能验证 孙广华#,原换换#,樊小聪,宋梅芳,孟凡华,郭林,杨建平* 中国农业科学 48(22)
290   等氮条件下长期有机无机配施对春玉米的氮素吸收利用和土壤无机氮的影响 张卫建 植物营养与肥料学报 21(2)
291   大豆MYB转录因子基因GmMYB174的克隆及分子特性分析. 刘佳明,闵东红,周永斌,陈  明,李连城,马有志,徐兆师* 植物遗传资源学报 16(1)
292   引进美国GEM材料的抗玉米青枯病和丝黑穗病种质资源筛选鉴定 孟剑,裴二芹,宋燕春,石云素,李永祥 植物遗传资源学报 16(5)
293   云南省元阳县哈尼族彝族农业生物资源调查 高爱农,李立会,郑殿升,刘 旭 植物遗传资源学报 (16-2)
294   不同时期收集农家保护云南水稻地方品种的表型多样性比较。 马小定,韩龙植 植物遗传资源学报 16(2)
295   大豆类钙调磷酸酶B亚基GmCBL1互作蛋白的筛选. 周永斌,陈  明,李连城,马有志,徐兆师 植物遗传资源学报 16(2)
296   人工合成抗纹枯病小麦新种质的鉴定 魏学宁,张  淼,刘  欣,张增艳 植物遗传资源学报 16( 2)
297   裸燕麦EMS突变体库筛选与分析 霍朋杰,吴 斌,张宗文 植物遗传资源学报 16(2)
298   荞麦及其野生种遗传多样性分析 史建强,张宗文,吴斌 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
299   我国小豆种质资源的豆沙特性评价与筛选 王丽侠,袁兴淼,张涛,王素华,程须珍 植物遗传资源学报 16(4)
300   菜豆种质资源抗普通细菌性疫病鉴定 朱吉风, 武晶, 王兰芬, 朱振东, 王述民 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
301   贵州少数民族对作物种质资源的利用和保护 高爱农,郑殿升,李立会,刘旭 植物遗传资源学报 (16-3)
302   马铃薯茎尖超低温保存流程TTC活力响应 张海晶,张金梅,辛霞,尹广鹍,何娟娟,卢新雄,陈晓玲 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
303   不同大豆基因型对农杆菌敏感性研究及优异种质筛选 张丽娟、郭  勇、邱丽娟 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
304   玉米ZmBiP1基因的表达模式和功能研究 张登峰, 李永祥, 石云素, 宋燕春, 王天宇, 黎裕 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
305   谷子Si-SP1小穗突变体基因的遗传分析和定位 李雯, 智慧, 张硕, 房雪娇, 王海龙, 贾冠清,刁现民 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
306   基于云计算的农作物种质资源数据挖掘平台研究 潘恺, 方沩, 陈丽娜,曹永生 植物遗传资源学报 16(3)
307   野生大豆资源对大豆疫病抗病性和耐病性鉴定 钟超,李银萍,孙素丽,朱振东 植物遗传资源学报 16(4)
308   金藜麦耐盐性分析及营养评价 姜奇彦,牛凤娟,胡正,张辉 植物遗传资源学报 16(4)
309   贵州省赫章县民族农业生物资源调查与分析 刘敏轩 植物遗传资源学报 16(4)
310   基于本体的农作物种质资源平台用户模型研究 陈丽娜,方沩,潘恺,曹永生 植物遗传资源学报 16(5)
311   大豆微核心种质对草甘膦的耐受性鉴定 邱丽娟 植物遗传资源学报 16(5)
312   玉米种质和新品种对腐霉茎腐病和镰孢穗腐病的抗性分析 段灿星, 王晓鸣, 武小菲, 杨知还, 宋凤景, 赵立萍, 孙素丽, 朱振东 植物遗传资源学报 16(5)
313   杂种优势形成的表观遗传学研究进展 崔会会,项超,石英尧,王文生,高用明 植物遗传资源学报 16(5)
314   玉米抗南方锈病种质标记基因型鉴定与遗传 段灿星, 江凯, 秦子惠,  孙素丽, 宋凤景, 王晓鸣 植物保护学报 42(6)
315   多堆柄锈菌侵染玉米的细胞学及超微结构特征 江凯, 段灿星,武小菲,  杨知还, 王晓鸣 植物保护学报 42(6)
316   大豆炸荚发生规律及分子遗传基础 郭  勇,邱丽娟 遗传 37(6)
317   东北黑土区长期不同种植模式下土壤碳氮特征评价 宋振伟, 张卫建 农业工程学报 31(6)
318   国外绿豆种质资源农艺性状的遗传多样性分析 陈红霖,王丽侠,王素华,程须珍 植物遗传资源学报 16( 5)
319   基于相对叶绿素含量的玉米自交系氮敏感性鉴定与评价 王慧 植物遗传资源学报 16(6)
320   谷子WRKY36转录因子的分子特性分析及功能鉴定. 尹丽娟,徐兆师,陈  明,周永斌,李连城,马有志 中国农业科学 48(5)
321   大喇叭口及灌浆期倒伏对夏玉米产量损失的研究 马玮(第二作者) 中国农业科学 48 (19)
322   聚合稻瘟病、白叶枯病和褐飞虱抗性基因的三系恢复系改良效果的评价 徐建龙 作物学报 42(1)
323   俄罗斯大豆品种种植在北京地区的农艺性状表现 王岚, 王连铮 大豆科技 2
324   Factors influencing variety choice by soybean farmers in China: analysis of an on-site survey 杨光明; 韩天富; 吴存祥; 武婷婷 大豆科学 34(1)
325   未成熟种子子叶节转化体系优化及转EPSPS /GAT 基因大豆新材料创制 郭  勇,金龙国,张丽娟,邱丽娟 大豆科学 32(2)
326   “中黄”系列大豆品种航天育种研究进展 王岚,孙君明,赵荣娟,李斌,王连铮 大豆科学 34(3)
327   高异黄酮低豆腥味大豆新品种中黄68的选育 孙君明, 韩粉霞, 闫淑荣, 杨华, 李斌 大豆科学 34(5)
328   作物脂肪氧化酶的研究进展 扎桑,袁兴淼,张京,郭刚刚 大麦与谷类科学 2
329   60_Co_射线诱导的小麦基因组DNA的甲基化变异 郭会君, 赵林姝, 古佳玉, 谢永盾, 刘录祥 核农学报 29
330   从遗传学和育种学角度谈转基因植物的安全性 叶兴国 科技导报 33(11)
331   植物组织培养过程中器官发生途径再生植株分子机制研究进展 赵佩,杜丽璞,叶兴国 科技导报 33(2)
332   水稻功能基因组育种数据库(RFGB): 3K 水稻SNP 与InDel 子数据库 郑天清, 吴志超, 王文生, 迟璐, 高用明, 傅彬英, 周永力, 赵秀琴, 张帆, 李家洋, 徐建龙, 黎志康 科学通报 60(4)
333   播期对不同筋力型小麦旗叶光合及籽粒灌浆特性的影响 郭明明,赵广才,常旭虹,王德梅,杨玉双,王美,亓振,王雨,孙通 麦类作物学报 2
334   施氮量对不同粒色小麦花后光合特性及成熟期氮素分配和籽粒蛋白质组分的影响 王美,赵广才,常旭虹,王德梅,杨玉双,范仲卿,郭明明,亓振,王雨,孙通,刘孝成 麦类作物学报 6
335   顶空固相微萃取结合气质联用分析小米黄酒与黍米黄酒的香气成分 刘浩, 赵生满, 任贵兴 酿酒科技 247
336   农业科研单位条件建设项目管理方式思考 王松梅 农业科技管理 5
337   小麦立体匀播技术 赵广才,常旭虹,王德梅,杨玉双 农业科技通讯 7
338   5-烯醇式丙酮酰-莽草酸-3-磷酸合成酶(EPSPS)基因AM79 aroA的活性位点分析 陈荣荣,刘允军 农业生物技术学报 5
339   2014年世界和中国大麦生产与贸易形势及2015年展望 张京 农业展望 2
340   植物丙酮酸磷酸双激酶研究进展 姜奇彦,牛凤娟,胡正,张辉 生物技术进展 5(4)
341   杂粮黄酒的氨基酸组成及抗氧化研究 刘浩,胡一波,任贵兴* 食品工业科技 36(19)
342   基于顶空固相微萃取-气质联用分析燕麦黄酒与藜麦黄酒香气成分 刘浩,任贵兴 食品工业科技 36(4)
343   低温消解-石墨炉原子吸收法高通量测定小麦中镉含量 陆美斌, 王步军 食品科技 3
344   藜麦营养功能成分及生物活性研究进展 杨修仕,么杨,秦培友,任贵兴* 食品科学 36(15)
345   蛋白质胶内酶切技术研究进展 姜超,潘映红 生物技术通报 31(1)
346   一种点杂交膜预处理方法的建立及应用 姜超,苏小琴,潘映红 生物技术通报 31:(11)
347   不同施肥方式对东北春玉米农田土壤水热特征的影响 张卫建 水土保持学报 29(4)
348   滴灌量对新疆高产春玉米产量和水分利用效率的影响研究 王克如,谢瑞芝,侯鹏,李少昆   玉米科学 4
349   条深松对夏玉米产量形成的影响 侯海鹏,李从锋,赵明 玉米科学 12
350   不同春玉米品种干物质生产和子粒灌浆对种植密度的响应 张明,宋振伟,陈涛,邓艾兴,张卫建 玉米科学 23
351   利用荧光定量PCR检测禾谷丝核菌的相对生物量 洪彦涛,张增艳 植物保护 41(1)
352   短柄草Hsf家族全基因组鉴定、分类和高温响应 陈  明,李连城,马有志,徐兆师 中国农业大学学报 20(1)
353   盐及ABA对水稻MYB转录因子基因表达的影响 杨圣,黄菲,胡晓晨,秦巧,黄立钰,王文生,傅彬英 中国农业科技导报 17(4)
354   拟南芥核膜孔蛋白Nup160 基因的突变体表型分析 傅永福 中国农业科技导报 17(3)
355   施氮量与行距对冬小麦品质性状的调控效应  郭明明,赵广才,常旭虹,王德梅,杨玉双,王美,范仲卿,亓振,王雨,刘孝成 中国生态农业学报 6
356   大豆南繁的效果与体会 王岚, 王连铮 中国种业 3
357   SNP 标记分型与品质分析联合的麦芽纯度及品种真实性鉴定 徐东东,袁兴淼,张京,郭刚刚 中外酒业(啤酒科技) 1
358   对我国玉米绿色增产增效栽培技术的探讨:增密减氮 张卫建 作物杂志 4
359   中国藜麦产业现状 任贵兴*,杨修仕,么杨 作物杂志 5
360   2014 年中国大豆基因资源发掘的主要进展 邱丽娟,郭勇,常汝镇 作物杂志 1
361   乙矮合剂对不同密度夏玉米茎秆抗倒伏能力及产量的影响 卢霖; 董志强; 董学瑞;李光彦 作物杂志 4
362   大豆孢囊线虫抗性机制的研究进展 李斌, 孙君明,王连铮 作物杂志 5
363   玉米叶斑病药剂防控技术探索 王晓鸣,段灿星,  作物杂志 3
364   黄淮冬麦区水地小麦高产高效技术模式  赵广才 作物杂志 1
365   2015年冬小麦春季管理技术建议 赵广才,常旭虹,王德梅,杨玉双 作物杂志 2
366   玉米茎秆穿刺强度遗传研究 刘小刚 马飞前 王红武 刘志芳 吴宇锦 胡小娇 黄长玲 作物杂志 4
367   玉米茎秆纤维品质性状及其相关分析 马飞前 刘小刚 王红武 黄长玲 吴宇锦 胡小娇 刘志芳 作物杂志 4
368   玉米冠层耕层协调优化及其高产高效技术 赵 明 李从锋 董志强 作物杂志 3
369   节水灌溉措施在农业生产上的综合应用 李克民,杨久臣 农业科技通讯 11
370   子粒加工型甜玉米品种优质高产栽培技术探讨 李克民,石磊,高韵哲,杨久臣 中国种业 12
371   农业科研试验基地管理初探-以中国农业科学院作物科学研究所试验基地为例 石磊,李克民 农业科技管理 2
372   俄罗斯大豆品种种植在北京地区的农艺性状表现 任军,杨久臣,杜荣才,田志国 中国种业 5
373   Factors influencing variety choice by soybean farmers in China: analysis of an on-site survey 杨久臣,任军,杜荣才 北京农业 5(中)
374   未成熟种子子叶节转化体系优化及转EPSPS /GAT 基因大豆新材料创制 杨久臣,任军,杜荣才 现代农业科技 11
375   “中黄”系列大豆品种航天育种研究进展 李克民,杨久臣 北京农业 6(下)
376   高异黄酮低豆腥味大豆新品种中黄68的选育 李克民,杨久臣 现代农业科技 15
377   鲁西地区夏玉米增密种植的产量效应分析 王克如,李少昆 山东农业科学 2015,47(5)
378   基于冠层光谱角算法的小麦氮素营养监测 王克如,李少昆 干旱地区农业研究 2015,33(4)
379   基于光谱角指数小麦冠层叶片特征差异估测研究 王克如,李少昆 新疆农业科学 2015,(04)
380   大豆种质资源抗旱性综合评价 刘章雄 干旱地区农业研究 33(5)
381   叠氮化钠诱变普通小麦陕农33突变体库的构建和初步评估 刘录祥 麦类作物学报 35
382   实践八号_卫星搭载羊草的诱变效应及变异研究 刘录祥 核农学报 29
383   60_Co_射线辐照对甘薯农艺性状变异的影响 刘录祥 植物生理学报 51
384   小麦玉米轮作体系氮、磷吸收与平衡研究  董志强(3) 华北农学报 30(4)
385   黄淮海夏玉米机械籽粒收获的可行性分析 李少昆 中国科技论文在线  
386   利用“微创刷”法获得抗草甘膦转基因大豆 邱丽娟 大豆科学 34(2)
387   抗草甘膦转基因大豆对土壤酶活性及微生物数量的影响 邱丽娟 大豆科学 34(4)
388   两种大豆同名品种鉴别方法的对比研究 赵婧,何娟娟,辛霞,卢新雄 大豆科学 34(3)
389   优质抗病丰产啤酒大麦新品种-龙啤麦3号 张京,郭刚刚 麦类作物学报 4
390   三大粮食作物产量潜力与产量差研究进展 孟庆锋(通讯作者),赵明(5) 中国农业生态学报 23
391   我国玉米育种与生产中189份自交系氮利用效率评价 王慧 玉米科学 23(5)
392   2008—2013年中外科技期刊载文与引证指标分析 程维红 编辑学报 5
393   中国东北春玉米区干旱时空分布特征及其对产量的影响 明博 中国生态农业学报 6
394   关于农民对农业技术服务需求的调查与分析 李少昆 农业技术经济 4